Sally Talbot MLCWA Labor Member for South West Region

Community Survey

Feedback from our local community helps me understand what issues are important to you and your family.   Your participation in my community survey ensures that I continue to take action on the issues that really matter to you.

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Full Name  
What do you like most about living in our community?  
What do you like least about living in our community?  
How would you improve our community?  
What is the one most important issue to you and your family?  
What is the one most important issue to people living on your street?  
What is important to you?  Greater funding to local schools
 Building safer local roads
 Keeping the cost of living under control
 Combating local crime
 Better local bus services
 Access to affordable housing
 Creating local jobs
 More services for young people
Which party best represents your views?  Labor
 I vote depending on the issues important to me
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